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What is TheCreateurs ?

TheCreateurs allows all kinds of film directors to be part of a creative community and to share, promote and showcase their work to the public and broadcasting professionals. 

Created in 2010, the website offers its members a cluster of tools allowing them to showcase their films in the best watching conditions and to have access to innovative sharing and exchanging features. TheCreateurs’ purpose is to create a meeting platform for creative film talents and creative content buyers. 

What is going on on TheCreateurs ?

On TheCreateurs, there is always something going on!

All activity on TheCreateurs can be seen on the LIVE by clicking the box "TheCreateurs Live". Be part of this creative community now on TheCreateurs: showcase your films, create groups or react to other member’s films. Once you’ve joined, you will have new exchange and sharing tools to participate and explore the website; for instance the “more feed” user function informs you of all the updates and follows-up that are related to you. 

How to join TheCreateurs ?

There are two ways of joining TheCreateurs :

1. Clicking on the «sign-up» button and filling in a subscription form. Once sent, your form will be considered by TheCreateurs. Selection will not only be based on artistic standards but also on your motivation to join the community as well as your passion in filmmaking. Tell us about your work, what you’ve done, send us some links to watch your films.

2. To be invited by a member of 
TheCreateurs, for each newly registered member can invite 5 directors. These invitees won’t need to go through the selection phase. We trust Talents to choose new members with a real creative level !

How to watch videos ?

There are different ways to watch a video on TheCreateurs. You can :
  • Navigate in the 8 film categories by clicking on the number indicating the amount of films on the website in the statistic field on the top of the page.
  • Click on “ALL FILMS” on top of any page to access recent films.
  • Check out the Groups by clicking on the number indicating the amount of groups on the website in the statistic field on the top of the page.
  • Discover soon “CALLS FOR ENTRIES” films by clicking on the number indicating the amount of calls for entries on the website in the statistic field on the top of the page.
  • Watch talent films by clicking on their name to watch their films.
  • Find a film with its corresponding key words with the « Tag » box.
  • Look for a film with the « search » tool. 

So as you can see, all the roads lead to a film on TheCreateurs .

How to sort my favorite videos ?

To sort and keep your favorite videos, you must be registered as a talent on TheCreateurs.
When you watch a video you like, you can click on the « Favorite » button that appears on the video when you pass over it with your mouse.

How to share videos ?

There are 3 ways to share a video with your friends:
  • You can use the share button for social networks or the « social bookmarking » under the video ;
  • You can share the video by email by clicking on the « Share » button icon that appears when you pass over a video with your mouse.
  • You can also share the video on your blog or website by clicking on the « Embed » button icon that appears when you pass over a video with your mouse.

How to comment on videos ?

Nothing easier than commenting videos : when on the page of the video you wish to comment, you can either click on the « comment » icon that appears on the video when your mouse is on it, or on « add a comment » under the video. It is possible though that the talent has not authorized comments on his/her video(s).

Your comments are welcome as long as you are constructive and don’t denigrate nor insult the talents and their work!

How to change a video title, thumbnail or description ?

On a page displaying your video, you can click on “edit the info on this video” on the top right corner of the player. On the “my videos” page, you can clic on the pencil icon right next to your film title. Once on the “edit my info on film” page, you can easily edit: the thumbnail for your film, change the title, the description, the categories, group…
With the “allow comments” feature, you can allow other users to comment on your film. With the “allow embedding” feature, you can decide whether you want to allow other users to embed your film or not.
Feel free to use these features to draw attention to your film!

How to use the User Toolbar ?

The user toolbar has tools and features that are only accessible to members who have created a profile
This User Toolbar is divided into 6 sections:
  • My profile username: that includes the features "see my profile/edit my profile", "send invitations", "more feed".
  • My messages
  • My contacts
  • My groups
  • My videos
  • My favorites

To see the detail of each section, you can just unfold the user toolbar by clicking on the little red arrow next to the user name.

With your user toolbar profile section you can: 
  • change the status message displayed on your profile by clicking on the beige box right next to your profile picture. 
  • access your profile by clicking on : “my profile : see/edit”
  • invite other talents on TheCreateurs by clicking on “send invitations”
  • Unfold your feed and see your whole activity by clicking on “more feed”     
You can also change your status message on your profile page by clicking on the beige box right next to your profile picture. 
Clicking on the red titles on top of each section of your user toolbar, you will access the corresponding page(s):
  • “My messages” will get you directly to your TheCreateurs  mailbox.
  • With “My contacts”, you can check and administer your contacts list.
  • With “my groups”, you can see your groups, change your created groups or create new groups.
  • With “my videos”, you can access your uploaded videos and edit them if you want to.
  • With “my favorites” you can consult the videos you added to your favorites and edit them.
The feed related to your activity is sorted in the different sections of your user toolbar. This feed is updated in real time. When you want to check your older activity, you can just click on “more feed”
When you are done with consulting your user toolbar, you can just fold it with the red arrow that is next to your username.
When you are navigating on TheCreateurs, your usertoolbar is accessible at any time until you log out.

How to upload a film?

Videos are sorted in the following categories: Fiction, Animation; Documentary, Music, Comedy, Experimental, Ads and Series.
To upload a film, click on the button “upload film” at the top right of the page, then click the“Browse” button. Select from your computer the file that contains the film that you want to upload. If you have made a mistake, you can still cancel the upload by clicking on “cancel”.
Don’t forget to give your film a title, tags and a description. Those fields are required and your upload will not launch unless you fill in those fields.
Some features are activated by default, but you can deactivate them: 
  • If you don’t want to allow comments on your films, uncheck the “allow comments” box. 
  • If you don’t want to have this film in your showreel, you can uncheck the “display in my showreel” box.
  • If you don’t want to allow the embed function of your film so that your film can be posted on blogs, leave the check mark in the box “allow share”. 

For the upload to start, you must also make sure you have chosen one to two categories maximum for your film.
When all the fields are filled, you must click on the “Ok” button to launch the upload.
You can upload several films simultaneously if your files are not over 600 Mo each.
TheCreateurs accept formats: avi, mov, mp4, mpeg, mpg. We recommend encoding in H.264.
Please avoid videos that are superior to 1 Go. We recommend that you compress your movies to the format 480x360 for standard 4/3 definition, 640x480 for a 16/9, 1280x720 for HD. We recommend 25 or 30 frames per second de-interlaced and 30 for HD. For audio, choose 320 kbps or 44.100kHz. You can find more information on the “upload a film” page.
You can upload as many videos as you want on the website, whatever their length. However, the duration of the upload will be proportional to the size of the file. You the message in red “now encoding, you can now leave this page”, you can leave the upload page to navigate on the website without interrupting the upload.
By clicking on “simultaneously upload another film” , you can unfold a new upload section to launch a simultaneous second upload. This function can expand several times. We advise you to not make multi-uploads with files of more than 600 Mo (for each film).
Upload quality! That’s what TheCreateurs is all about!

How to make the best of my profile ?

To make the best of your profile, you can edit it by going in your user tollbar in the “my profile: see/edit” section and clicking on “edit profile”.
When on the page “edit my profile “, we suggest that you upload a profile picture that will represent you on TheCreateurs . 
Feel free to give us as much info on you as possible. With this profile page, you can introduce your work and promote your background. 
With the section « Organize my films » you organize your films. You can decide which films you want to put in your showreel and which films will be shown separately.
Be careful though, modifications of the showreel are immediate, no need to validate! 

What is a showreel?

The showreel is the best way to showcase the films you most value: they will be played full screen in the order of your choice. This way, you will be able to send a link to this showreel to whoever you want, and share your latest creations with a showreel that can level with the ones made for professional feature film or advertisement. 

What is a channnel on TheCreateurs?

On TheCreateurs, talents create the channels to gather videos and members around a chosen theme:  a specific technique, a mindset, a genre, an artistic trend, an approach… Channels members to meet, exchange ideas, discuss their projects, but above all to bring together their films. Most of the channels are public, some are private and only accessible to a member’s contacts.

How to create a channel ?

Creating a channel on TheCreateurs is very simple: click on the link « Channels » in the statistic field on top of the page, or on « My Channels » in you user toolbar. This leads you to the « all channels » page where you have a “+Create a channel” link on the right of the group box. You will need to give a title to your channel and to add a film related to the channel’s theme. Don’t forget to fill in a description so that other members can understand your intentions with this channel. You can invite your Contacts to join the channel by typing their user name in the « Invite » section. As the founder of your channel, you are also its administrator and moderator.

How to edit a channel I have created ?

To edit a channel you have created, first click on « My Channels » in the user toolbar to go to the channels page. When you have your channel list, you will be able to recognize those you have created : a little pen appears in front of their names. By clicking on this pen or on the name of the channel and then on “Edit the channel” you will be able to edit or invite other members to join this channel.

How can I join or leave a channel ?

To join a Channel, when you are on the Channel page, click on ”join this channel“. To leave a channel, when you are on the Channel page, click on “do you want to leave the channel?” that appears when you place your mouse over “you are part of that channel”.

How to add a film to a channel ?

To add a film to a channel, you first need to join that Channel by clicking on “Join that Channel”. Then, the link “add a film to this channel” will appear on the Channel page. When you are on the “Add a film to the channel” page, click on the film you want to put in the channel and click on “Validate”.

I can’t manage to upload my film...

Here is a few useful advice to successfully upload your films :

-check the size of your file! To avoid errors, it’s important that your files are under 1Gb...
-chose a file in your computer
-fill all the required fields (don’t forget to pick one or two categories... ), and validate!
-do not browse away from the page until a message appears saying you can do so! Otherwise, your film will not be displayed on the site...
-a film will take a few minutes to be processed and appear on your page, after the upload is completed. It's completely normal!

If you follow these important steps and your film still won’t appear on the site, send us a message and let us know!

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