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To keep the community happy and relaxed, here are some recommendations of creative good manners.

Showcase creative videos!  This website is dedicated to your creative universe, your artistic approach, so please keep your “home movies” away from the community.

Respect copyright terms!  Your profile is here to promote YOUR contents, only upload videos for which you have all the legal copyright.

No propaganda! This platform is for showcasing your artwork, not for advertising a product or a service whatsoever.

Let’s stay legal! Of course don’t be obscene, or repulsive. Any incitation that is hateful, racist, pornographic, contents that have abusive behavior or are explicit…are strictly forbidden!

Let’s be cool! Other members of the community can freely comment on your videos, as long as they are constructive and do not denigrate your work or insult you in any ways…this also applies to you when commenting on another member’s video.    

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