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Flag an Abuse


TheCreateurs acts as a community platform on which Talents can upload their videos. TheCreateurs freely offers the storing of signs, texts, images and sounds or messages of any nature provided by the users of these services. Consequently, TheCreateurs must be considered as a hosting website as defined in the article 6 of the law n°2004-575 of June 21st 2004.

As a host, and according to the article 6.I.7 of the law n°2004-575, TheCreateurs has no general monitoring obligation.

Nevertheless, TheCreateurs has established a notification system allowing the Visitors and Talents to flag a video or content which would breach the legislation and the current regulation.

Therefore, the system established by TheCreateurs allows the Visitors and Talents to notify with the button « flag an abuse » (it will be consistently found on the bottom right hand corner of each video) all inappropriate content related to:

  • apology of crimes against humanity
  • Incitement to racial hatred
  • Child pornography
  • Incitement to violence
  • A  violation of human dignity

Beyond these legal obligations, TheCreateurs wants to be notified through this process of all content which may infringe copyright rights and/or intellectual property rights.

To notify a content that is illicit, the Visitor or Talent will have to click on the button « flag an abuse » and fill in the following fields : date of the notification, and if the notifier is a natural person: their last name, first name, profession, home address, nationality, date and place of birth ; if the notifier is a moral person, its name and head office ; a description of litigious facts and their precise localization, the reasons justifying that the content should be removed, including the relevant legal provision and justification of the facts.

By all means, it should be recalled that any person claiming a content or activity as being illicit in the sole aim of having it removed or of stopping its broadcasting, when the person knows that this information is not exact, is punished by a year of  imprisonment and a 15.000€ fine.

Lastly, in the case of notification respecting the conditions described above, TheCreateurs will notify the relevant authorities in case of apology of crime against humanity, incitement to racial hatred or child pornography.

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